The Last Post(probably)

Hey you, it's Chuzou. Welcome to the last post for this game. 

And no, it's no what you think. The game isn't done. 

I know this is very disappointing to read, but I don't want to finish this game.

I should probably explain... I cannot stand writing for this game anymore. Every time I get an ounce of motivation, it lasts for a few short sentences, and then it's gone.   

I always push back my other projects because 'I really need to finish my game! People really want it!'. And I just don't want to work on it anymore. I'm tired of going, 'I wanna work on this project, but oh... the game...' I know that makes it seem like I'm whining, but it's my honest feelings. 

I do feel incredibly grateful to all of you who follow this game and give me support. But there are just so many things I want to do, and this isn't one of them. 

I will be updating the game today (it should say now) with all the progress that I've made. It's a fair amount, but not the full game.

The only way this game will be finished is if someone comes along and does the rest of the writing for the game. I will gladly put all the writing in the code, I just don't want to write it myself (if that makes sense). Or maybe I'll work on it from time to time, and it'll slowly get done that way. I don't know.

I think that's all I have to say, so thank you for reading this all the way through.

And I'm sorry.

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Im sad

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Don't worry! I and another dev named CherriBomAddict are respectively developing MHA dating sim/visual novels! I don't have any files available for mine quite yet, but Cherri has a demo you can play ^^


I was really expecting the game but who cares about the game if you don’t feel like this project is good for you or your other hobbies then do what’s best for you we still support you ♥️


how would I inquire to writing your script? I have no idea how to code games however I am (in my opinion) a very talented young novelist, i've always got some kind of idea (I have three novels currently in progress) I would love to help write some scripts!


Don't worry about it!! The game was wonderful so far and hopefully we'll get to see other projects from you, I love your art style :)


The art used for the game is actually by xxmissarichanxx


Ah thanks!


We love and support you. Thank you for doing all you have! I desperately hope someone comes along and helps with the writing for you to take off some of the stress. If I knew the storyline rough draft, I'd totally offer my time! But the most important thing is you being happy and healthy, so never feel guilty for taking time for yourself. The project will always be here if you want to continue it in the future. And it's made one thing suuuper obvious--- the people definitely NEED a game like this. :) Thank you for showing us that! <3

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There's absolutely no need to apologize! As a writer/creatively inclined person, I completely understand where you're coming from. Being a one-person team and writing for an entire game is definitely not easy and can lead to burnout. (Those who have tried making games or writing scripts will definitely understand.)

Thank you for all the work you've put into this game, and I cannot wait to see what you do in the future! Enjoy your break <3


don't worry about it you need a break


As much as I love this game, your mental health is the most important thing right now, get a break as much time as you need. And it's totally ok and normal to loose interest on a project you are working, that's what makes us human.

I don't know how to code and that kind of stuff, so sorry If I cannot help much. I can only recommend you promoting this game on TikTok and explaining your situation, there's plenty of people there who will be glad to help you on this. 

Hope you feel better soon angel <3


hey don't worry about us. we can wait. now you must get a long break for your mind and health too. after you are ready. you can do it again


HONEY, YOU NEED A BREAK FROM THIS. I understand not having enough motivation or no motivation at all. If you need a break then take a break from this for a good amount of time in your opinion and focus on other projects of yours. I don't mind helping with the writing, I've done it before and I'm studying writing in my free time. If you choose someone they better make sure they carry on your beautiful legacy of this game.


I'm a writer and would love to work on the writing aspect of the game! I'm currently in college studying English and creative writing. I also have a lot of experience writing fanfiction. Recently, I've started to write fanfiction in the MHA universe. I found your game a few months ago and had so much fun playing it. I completely understand losing motivation or interest in a project, I've been there too, but, again, I would love to help you finish the game if you're interested.

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working on other projects is whats best for you, I was kinda expecting this to happen with how you typed for months :/ and you just kinda not accepting much help from my knowledge (please please please correct me if I'm wrong)of letting people help you with coding or writing was your downfall. take your time and I hope you take this project as a lesson that if you need  help take it please.

im very sorry if this comment came as rude but I followed this for months since it kinda started and I got worried about you since February so I hope you find the rythym you need in making games and are able to enjoy making them unlike this project. 

there was no need for you to feel pressured other than your own mind pressuring you to. this was a free game and not a paid project. it was something made for fun not profit! don't stress yourself out over projects that arent for pay especially games that arent kickstarted

note: you can always work on other projects while making a big one. it helps keep motivation since you're not forcing yourself to work on something you don't want to. i keep this mindset with homework or art projects to keep myself motivated and I take mental breaks when I need to.


Hey, I have a friend who might be interested in helping write! Is there any place we should contact you to talk about the writing?


Sweetie, it's alright. I completely understand. Sometimes, writing can feel like a burden and unfortunately this seems to be just that to you. (P.S. Don't worry, you don't sound whinny 😊)


its sad to hear that you don't want continue this but I understand not wanting to if ya don't have the passion for the game anyone I hope you the best in your other projects


Don't feel bad, it's totally fair and okay for you to do this. Remember that you're doing this for free, out of the passion you have, so of course, it's totally fine if you want to stop.

I know you feel guilty and sorry and afraid that you've 'disappointed' people following the game. It's a feeling I understand well. But remember that NO ONE is entitled to demand the full game from you, at all times.

The decision has always been, and will always lie in your hands, and people don't have the right to complain about that. They can say whatever they want, but in the end, you're the one who put hours, days, months, into this game. You're the one who chose to work on the project when you could have spent your free time watching other shows, or reading more books, or hanging out with your friends/family, or doing your self-care routines or just doing nothing. These sacrifices go unnoticed for most people on the internet but it does, in fact, happens. And you do all of it because you feel passionate about the project. People have to respect that.

In conclusion: you have the full right to stop when you don't want to do it anymore - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thank you for all your hard work so far. Having such a talented person in the community is a blessing. I will be looking forward to your next projects! ♡

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BTW. I opened the script file and fixed some things like backgrounds, sprites, and text. If u need a hand on this, I am available.

update: I have started fixing the script 👍 U have done so much, u need help with the heavy work u have in your hands, which im starting from doing the script.

I'm sorry for not really asking, but you really need to relax. This is too much for 1 person

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please contact me on my twitter or Instagram :)

info in my profile thingy


please talk to me. I'm not good at making games but when it comes to writing, I can help that way. I would LOVE to help. If it makes it easier on, we can work together on it.

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