I don't like asking for help but I kinda need it...

So I've been having a lot of trouble lately with the writing part of the game. Mainly with confessions and the free time events. I've been really busy lately and I haven't really had the time to brainstorm events like that, and Alice is going to be busy for the rest of the summer, so I won't bother her about this. 

What I'm asking for is what you would like to do with your favorite characters, like some type of date or a conversation you'd like to have with them. Even if just a small idea it could be really helpful to me, and please don't worry about the idea being 'silly' or 'weird' as long as it's SFW it'll more than likely be considered for the game.

If you can't think of anything, that's perfectly okay, I'm just needing a few small helping hands.

Thank you in advance if you decide to help out!

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Hello! I enjoy writing stories so I'd love to help you out..if you're ok with messaging with me 馃槄


I'd like to see event in lunapark or maybe just going out with friends to ice cream or ice skating and someone can teach y/n how to do it


Study date with Izuku, Tenya and Momo seems good. Also, training with Bakugou and/or Kirishima, going to a library to find manga with Denki/Bakugou. For nobody in particular, trying to paint each other, like in real canvas painting. If it's ugly it's better. Go to the swimming pool with Tsu, trying to dance/ doing parkour with Mina. And that's all the idea i have, i don't know if all these interest are canon but i hope it'll help !


Id like to drink tea with todoroki, And maybe a sick mc and the route your on character would come to nurse you back to health.


for a general idea, a beach date would be cute! maybe for Mina I was thinking like one of those paintball gun fights? or maybe laser tag! Oh! and a picnic date on one of those row boats with Tsu maybe. For Shinsou I was thinking a cat cafe where like all of the cats flock towards him due to his calming energy. Kaminari would probably take you on a sushi date or just getting something to eat in general. Iida would most likely do something practical like train or study, same for Todoroki and Deku. Thats all I can think of for now, but I hope my suggestions help!


I don't know which character this could go with but I feel like having a beach date with one of the characters and just dealing with other people staring at MC and them getting jealous.  


I have an idea of a date w/ Tenya : in an attraction park of even just a park where you just walking with him a talking and you could get an ice cream ( I think he would like vanilla) 

Or you could go on a date w/ him in a museum and he explains everything he knows about the artwork you could see. I know it sound like a headcanon but I found it cute so yeah. 

Sorry if there is some mistakes in this comment.

I love your game and I would love to see this in it! Have a nice day! * w *


I have a few ideas we can take a walk in a park, or got out to eat, or get coffee or boba tea, or a fighting scene to see who is the strongest but cutely but we have to use our quirks. I have a lot of ideas but this will be good for now I think. But take your time and relax and this idea is already incredible including the game itself. You are doing amazing. We love you.

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I'm kinda late, but hope I can help you. I got a few ideas.

- Class 1A is practicing on the gym, they put us on teams (we are on our love interest's team). The class is gonna fight vs other students. While were practicing, for some reason (maybe yn didn't get enough sleep cause she/he/they stayed up late studying) we loose control of our quirks and we don't know how to stop it. So I was thinking maybe our crush is the one who helps us to finally calm down and comfort us after the accident. Hope you understand this.

- We (the player and crush) spend an evening together just chillin. At the moment it's time to go home, it starts to pourly rain. So we run through the rain, laughing and all that cute stuff, until we get in front of yn's home porch. Both of them just stare at each other and laugh a lil bit. Before saying goodbye, maybe the player or vice versa can kiss on the cheek to the other one. When the player finally enters their home, both of them are a blushing mess.

Sorry if this is kinda confusing, english is not my mother language.

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these comments feel like wattpad lmao. 

anyways i was thinking of something where the player/mc/yn is sick or hurt and another character tries to take care of them. for example we get cut or something and they (the character) panic and start looking for bandages. 

the idea of getting hurt and them bandaging us or vice versa while having a convo sounds nice, they wrap it too hard and mc goes like "ouch-" and they reply with something like "oh no is it too tight?? im so sorry" or if its bakugou he'd just say we're wimpy or to shut up. 

or maybe we have a cold and they stay by our side and bring us medicine and food and mc is like "thank you so much but you need to leave cuz you might catch it too/i dont want to be a burden" but they dont care and continue to stay with you, maybe they even fall asleep together.

ahaha jk jk... unless o_O

these would make more sense with the dorms


I feel like this would be good towards the end, maybe before the confession maybe after, but I definitely want to write something like this now XD

Hi! My name is Phern and I saw your recent post. I understand how you feel with your projects, I'm an artist too. I write a lot of stories and have created a lot of both fanfiction and original stories. If you would like, I would be more than honoured to help with the actual writing of this work. If you would prefer to see some of my written work, my Instagram is @phoebe_calvert_ 

I really love what you have done with this story so far and would love to help you, while still giving you the opportunities to work on other projects. 

I hope to hear from you and wish you well! 


Arcade with Bakugo (or Denki), training with Shinso (or Kirishima) cat coffe with todoroki (or Tsu) trying or buying makeup with Mina or dancing competition, studying with Momo or Iida maybe


Study session with Iida that leads to a confession!


skating to the gas statian at 3AM with denki


I can help you out if you want. I have too many ideas in all honesty lol. Just reply if you wanna organize something 馃槉

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With Kaminari (or maybe Bakugou?) the player and him can go to an arcade (would they even have arcades in this timeline? If not they could just go to a gaming center). For Uraraka the player and her could go roller skating, bowling, or for a walk around a botanical garden.


For shinsou you could be both running through the rain (after a hangout or just meeting each other by coincidence) and see a small shrine? or something with a roof. You both then look at each other and both let out a small laugh  (each on opposite ends). You could notice a cat and get it to come close to then start petting it. Shinsou stares at you for a bit and then could start to confess his feeling which you reciprocate and you both just sit in comfortable silence while listening to the raindrops.


hugging iida. i want to hug him so bad. please


Is it bad that I imagine for every route we're having dinner with the MHA characters' family? For Shinsou I imagine Aizawa and Eri just wearing cute cat stuff and for Shoto it's just his father glaring at you.


With Shoto could be something related to their first fight, He saying things like he was surprised and he started to feel curious about her and stuff like that 


Shinsou is in this right? If not sorry, I've been Golding off playing this until it's fully released and enjoying each update. 

But for Shinsou, perhaps a cute cate Cafe date. And you get to experience just how much cats actually like him and flock to him. 

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