The Gender (okay, maybe I'm not done talking about it)

So I've been thinking about this for at least a month now, and I know you guy's voted for there to be two gender options but I've been having a lot of trouble with it.

If you didn't know already, I do a lot of writing in my time. I really enjoy it, but for some reason, I'm not good with writing from a male perspective. 

It's probably because I'm a girl, and don't have the right mindset for writing guys properly. Plus I don't really have a guy to talk to if I need to ask a question. (I mean, I have an older brother, but I annoy him enough as is.)

So I'm not sure what to do.

I'm open to a lot of different ideas, so if you have one, please let me know.

Or if you have advice about writing guys, I would also like to hear that.

Thank you for reading!

Edit: I also just wanted to say that I'm thinking about releasing a version that has all the sprites and dialogue changes, let me know what you think about that!

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Personally, I think either have the player use gender neutral pronouns or let the player choose the pronouns (meaning all the dialogue is the same but the pronoun changes). Hope this help

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maybe the best solution is to choose only the pronouns (he / him, she / her, they / them) of the character we play or to treat this character gender neutral (in the pronouns they / them) and not divide the characters in the game into female and male (for example, changing rooms) 

and there is nothing wrong when a man or a non-binary person reacts in a ... "feminine way". in fact, as a boy, I can say that I didn't feel any big difference playing as a woman in terms of reactions or behavior, but I feel a bit uncomfortable when the characters speak to me in female pronouns


I really think it's a good idea to go gender neutral because not all of us are girls. Or guys. It's just a lot easier and accepting to a lot more people. And there could still be a sleepover. I loved that part! But, it could be with not just girls, or it could just be a hangout. Of course it's your game. But I mean, using gender neutral pronouns and terms is a lot better for more people, like myself.


As a guy, I completely understand how hard writing our gender is without the right perspective. Though it'd just be easier to not add gender into the game at all (which I highly suggest) if you decide against it I'm here to help with male advice! Really a way to describe your daily *average* guy is somewhat a mix between Todoroki and Kirishima? Often keeps to themselves but doesn't hesitate to voice their needed or even unneeded opinion. Kinda bad at complimenting people, and somewhat awkward (I'm really trying to make this guy as relatable as I possibly can so that others can dump their actual personality into him). He will get more talkative as time goes on probably begins to interact with his person of choice after the USJ attack. I hope that helps? Obviously all up to you, I'm having a hell of a time with this game :)


I reckon just try a gender neutral perspective same as a female perspective but use they/them pronouns or smth


As a female, I am only really interested in a female perspective. I'm not interested in a gender neutral perspective at all. At the end of the day, you are the writer so write what you are comfortable with. :)


honestly as a male myself i personally don't really care about the gender thing if you want you an try to add both then do it but if not that's alright maybe try gender neutral or something like that


Can't offer much for the difference on a female to male perspective as I'm a 'feminine' trans male. What I can say is that it's really the small stuff that counts. 

Also I would love to see the version with the sprites and dialogue changes if it's ready. Take you time though :) x 


bro i was looking forward to the male gender since there is amost no male pronouns just female but yea sure its still ur game so just do what u want but u could always look at some references or sumn


i mean you can always write in a neutral perspective and just change the pronouns and the bathroom/sleepover scene

i think is a good way for not excess yourself


I have no problem with the game being an only-female experience if it's that much of an issue!


Im fine with only having a female character but if ya really want one I'm sure everyone here would help ya write male dialog 


I know how it is, I also have difficulties writing from the perspective of male characters, I could recommend reading fanfics or watching animes with male protagonists.

Also, I'm really looking forward to seeing what the version of the game looks like with all the sprites, I'll wait until you can release that version, but take your time because I know it can be a lot of work even if I don't know anything about game design. ;-; (Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue)

I think yes


you could read shoujo manga with a male lead! might i suggest ore monogatari, kimi ni koishite ii desu ka, or DN-Angel

maybe other peeps have other suggestions too!


to be completely honest it doesn't chance a lot of stuff, is mostly small stuff to make easier to the player to imagine himself in a situation


Like "feminine attitude" is absolutely ok since there are men that are feminine


there are definitely a few different books that would describe things in a male perspective, I think? either way, its 100% your choice! you're doing an amazing job at the game so far, and I'm really enjoying it!


you could read how others describe the man's perspective (ff or books)

or if it was just a girly and the male version would only be a dlc, it probably wouldn't matter