End of Month Report 9/30/2020

Hey, it's the end of the month again. So it's time for another report.

This month, has been very unproductive, for me at least. Yes, I did get some work done, i.e: I almost finished all the studying scenes(it happens right before the final exams), I finished the final exams, I finished the Uncle Scene, and I'm working on all the romantic moments before the forest lodge arc.

Once all of the romantic moments are in, I can start on finishing the final bits of the game.

But on another note, Midoriya's Gym and Regular Uniform Sprites are finished. Along with Bakugou's Uniform Sprite. 

And on another, another, note: All the music for the game is finished. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in one of my other posts, but there are seven songs that needed to be made, and six of them are done. The last one is for the tralier which I'm getting ready to make. 

Once everything in the game is done, I'll post the trailer wih the release date for the game.

Speaking of the trailer, it's nothing fancy or anything like that, but it will include voiced lines for each of the dateable characters. When I'm ready for the lines to be voice acted, I'll make a post about it for anyone who wants to voice the characters.

The game really is in the final stretch now, I'm going to be working on the game a lot today, so hopefully I can get to the forest arc tomorrow.

Thank you for reading to the very end!

Edit: I've been debating this for the past month and wanted to poll everyone on this: 

Should there be sprites for characters that aren't datable?

The main reason I ask this is because it would take a while for each and every sprite to be made for every character that talks in the game (There's a lot of characters) 

So, do you guy's mind if the game takes some more time? Maybe once all the main character sprites are done I can release the game, and once all the other sprites are done, I can update it again? I'm not very sure on it. Which is why I'm asking you guy's.

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So i know this might seem a bit weird but I'm kinda looking for advice.

Ok so I'm looking for an artist that can draw me some characters but I'm  a bit young and can't exactly pay over the internet, not to mention I'm broke. So I'm trying to find an artist that won't mind drawing for free, and was wondering if you know a website of something where I can find artists like that???

Also I love this game and can't wait until it's completed!!

I'm not sure what to tell you, Ari reached out to me herself and offered to make the sprites. I know there's websites like DeviantArt that have people ready for commissions. But other than that, I don't have any info on it.

Ok, thanks for the help anyway!


I mean- if you have enough time, then other sprites would be welcomed!


Do we update it by redownloading it?

Yes. There isn't an update right now, so there's no need to do that at the moment.

alright, thank you!


Congrats on finishing the music portion! 

I am fine with waiting for however long you need dear. It is better to take time making something in order for it to really shine :) 


This is amazing! I love the idea of voice acting. I must say I admire you. You are a real hard worker (‐^▽^‐ ) 


I like your idea of getting the main character sprites done, and then updating when the other's are done! In the end it's whatever is easiest for you!


Yeah! i think sprites for all the character would make it look....Neater? Its your diction though! if its not to much trouble-



girly i'm wishing for the best for youuu.


That's so awesome!! ^^ I'm excited and glad to hear that so much has been done 😁 I'm willing to want to voice one if the characters ^^

I'll be posting a casting call when I have all the main sprites for the trailer! Thank you for being willing to voice a character! I was kinda afraid of no one wanting to voice act :)


No problem ^^ I look forward to it ^^

(1 edit) (+2)

so excited 😍😍

can I ask you if the full version of the game will be free or not?


The final game will be free :)


Yaaayyy😆🎉🎉THANK YOU


Yay! I'm so excited